Monday, October 15, 2012

Introducing Guest Blogger and Best-Selling Author Tilly Greene!

Welcome fellow Passionate Cook and best-selling author Tilly Greene.

Tilly Greene is an author of erotic romances and erotica in an assortment of genres with a variety of themes. She is published in both novel and short story lengths, all coming out first as eBooks and some in print.

The author is a member of RWA, often volunteers to judge contests for unpublished writers, and also a participant in collections that benefit both local and national charitable organizations.

Sharon: Tell me about the recipe you chose for the Passionate Cooks cookbook, 'VEGETARGIAN LASAGNE ROLL-UPS"

Tilly: The cutie and I have an ongoing tug-of-war game going on where I'm on the less meat/more tofu side of things and he's on the less tofu/more meat with lots of veggies on the side. This was a recipe that appealed to me but then I had to tinker with it further when told to cut down on sodium ... it's a tasty dish, healthy with low sodium and cholesterol and whole wheat noodles, but also yummy!

Sharon: It sounds and definitely looks yummy! Tell me about your latest book, "The Keeper".

Tilly: Thora needs to re-establish her connection with Mother Nature and then her artistic energy will once again flow with ease, putting her back in her happy place. Driving home she passes through Fortunes Forest and stops for a walk, only she ends up with so much more. She never expected communing with her grand nurturer would turn into a delightfully thorny interlude with a stranger she discovers is also a keeper.

Pleasurable pain changes her needs and dreams, but what about the stranger who takes her?


  1. Thank you so much for having me on your wonderful blog Sharon :-)

  2. Tilly, you are so welcome. Your recipe looks mouth watering.