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Welcome fellow Passionate Cook and Best-selling Author Adrienne Davenport!

As a romance author I am very passionate about my work. I enjoy the process of creating not only stories but the characters that are involved within them. It is truly fascinating to watch these books grow and develop, often times one feeding off of another. At this time I live with my family in Moab, Utah. When I am not writing I can most often be found either spending time with my son, Julian, a five year old boy who I often tell people is "too smart for my own good." or riding my bike around the beautiful area. If you would like to discover more about me or my books you can visit my official page: www.adriennedavenportbooks.com. If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at: adrienne_davenport@hotmail.com. I love hearing from readers and welcome any feedback you may have. I hope you enjoy the stories.

To date, I am twenty-five, mother to a wonderful little boy, an adventurous cook, and a writer of two different sub-genres of romance. But as with most things, what is now an ordinary event, started as a once upon a time. There was a point, not so many years ago, that I was the girl standing on porch step telling my mom to please let me help my dad work on the car. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with the kitchen- at all. And it was true. Though my sisters loved to help my mom with the cooking I possessed a severe aversion to anything remotely related to the catch phrase “homemade”. Then, one year, the result of a sportsmanship award issued by my school, I was asked to travel to Australia to participate in the Down Under Games. While I was there I stumbled across a muffin recipe, cream cheese and passion fruit muffins. I absolutely loved the treats. Upon returning to the states I wanted to find a recipe that matched the one I had tasted. I hunted for years, finally being forced to combine two recipes to match the one I was after. In the process I began to enjoy the idea of cooking.

This new love followed me for years. Then one afternoon just before Christmas, about three years back, I developed an extreme craving for creamy maple fudge. My Grandma, who at one point in time had performed most of the Christmas cooking, had passed away not to long before that. For the entirety of my childhood she had spent countless hours each year before Christmas creating trays which contained various homemade goodies such as fudge and mounds ball. Once these were completed we would deliver them to friends of the family, a small Christmas Present of sorts. Everyone who received one of these loved them. Now however, with her having passed, most of the family, still retaining a small measure of the sadness that followed, had no desire to take over the endeavor.

That day, the inspiration struck me, if no one else was willing to do so, why should I not do so? The idea seemed a little crazy since after all I had for years been the sole girl to avoid that sector of the house, no matter the facts. But I was determined to have my fudge. So, over the course of the day I explored the internet, searching for the perfect recipe. Instead of the one I’d been tracking, the result was about five different pieces. I wanted to make every one of them! And I did. I created at least ten different trays. At first, looking at them splayed across the kitchen counter, I’m quite certain my family was afraid of risking the taste of burned food. They soon discovered however the food was not only cute, but yummy as well.

For every year since, I, as well as various member of my family, have continued to make those trays. Were it not for my stumbling across this delicious muffin recipe, I might never have delved into the art of cooking. That said, I can only begin to tell you how much I might have missed out on as a result. It only seemed fitting that a recipe, which carried such a special place in my heart, should be the one I submitted to this cookbook. That they accepted the submission was truly exciting. Being able to work with such wonderful authors on this incredible book has been truly an honor. To find out more about “Passionate Cooks” and my own works you can visit my official page: http://www.adriennedavenportbooks.com/ or checkout their page: http://www.arecafe.com/.

I love to hear feedback so if you feel the urge please email me at the address listed on my page. Hope you enjoy it!

Sharon: Tell me about your latest release Stranger By Morning.

Adrienne: When Chicago Times reporter, Reese Donavon set out for India, determined to investigate the case of a nationally acclaimed felon, she'd expected a cloud of peril to eclipse her expedition. Had she known just how close to home it would linger, she would have arrived far better prepared.
Now she finds herself alone, in a luxuriously appointed Hindi suite, at the mercy of the very man she came to India in search of. Left with no choice but to either become his partner or risk losing her life, she readily agrees to the stranger's demands. As she follows him across oceans and countries she finds herself slowly falling further and further under his spell. Now, as uncertain of his real motives as she is her own feelings, she discovers the greatest danger of all lies not in the fear of losing her life, but rather in the the fear of losing her heart...

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