Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome Passionate Cook and Author Meredith Bond!

Hi Meredith, thank you for stopping by to talk about your wonderful recipe Black Beans and Rice. Yum!

Meredith: Cooking is not something which came naturally to me. My only grandmother related by blood (my father’s mother) was a well-known lousy cook, who would buy sub sandwiches (hoagies for those from Philadelphia and New Jersey) for any and every occasion instead of cooking. My mother’s idea of dinner was a broiled slab of red meat, baked potato and string beans – every single night for years! I don’t think I’ve had a steak since. So, is it any wonder that when I happened to marry a gourmand, I decided that I’d learn to cook vegetarian meals?

I’m not actually a vegetarian, I just lean that way because it’s so healthy. My husband, happily, doesn’t mind, as long as he gets some meat and fish during the week. But since it was I, alone, who had to figure out how to cook, what I make is as easy as cooking can possibly get. Therefore, when I was trying to expand my vegetarian repertoire, while still cooking something my husband and children would enjoy, my Cuban neighbor suggested her favorite dish – black beans with rice. Perfect!

Healthy, vegetarian, and, I found out when I searched for a recipe on the internet, easy (with most of the ingredients coming out of a can). I took all the recipes I found, and mix and matched ingredients until I came up with something spicy enough to keep my husband happy, and comforting enough for my kids – a win all around.

Does it tie into my writing? Not at all, I’m so sorry to say. I write Regency-set paranormal romance – I love that dash of magic in my favorite Regency setting, just as I love a dash of jalapeno pepper in my black beans. My story is fun, filled with magic, some really nasty villains and a beautiful, talented artist; black beans… well, they’re healthy. Still, it couldn’t hurt to give either one of them a try. You might like them!

You can find this and many other incredible recipes in the FREE All Romance Passionate Cooks cookbook. In fact you can find my Lip Smacking Pork Roulade...ha ha!

Tell me about your latest release, Magic In The Storm. I love your cover, very sexy!

Meredith: The seventh child of the seventh child has always been a girl. Until Morgan Vallentyn was born. Because he’s male he can’t access the magical powers that should have been his . In order to attain his destiny, he first has to escape his home and find the source of his power – in the most unexpected of places.
Born to paint the natural world with unprecedented passion and vision, Adriana Hayden is bound by the laws of 19th century English society to her scheming guardian.  But after meeting the handsome and mysterious Morgan, her world begins to open to enchanted possibilities she could never have imagined.
You can find Meredith and her books here:

Tales From The Mist available at Amazon: http://amzn.to/WjkmBv
Magic In The Storm available at Barnes and Noble
Chapter One available at your
favorite e-retailer
Magical Romance at http://www.meredithbond.com/


  1. Sounds like a good plot line. Different being the male and seventh child. Intriguing.

    Luck with the sales.

  2. I agree. Thanks for stopping by Lorrie.