Thursday, January 17, 2013

Congratulations Marlena! You've won the pretty shoe bracelet.

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Oh, The Places You Could Go! 

Losing yourself in a brand new novel is like traveling to a brand new world. Wheather your transported to a
pulsating metropolis, an exotic island, a quaint little mountain village or even a township that existed three hundred years ago, you can visit an unlimited number of locations through your beloved books. No passport required.

Leave a comment about where you'd like to be transported and your email address and I'll be drawing a name of one lucky winner to receive this lovely shoe bracelet.

My books are all set in Seattle WA, so far. They say 'write what you know'. Well, I've lived in the Seattle area my whole life and love it. It just made sense to write about it.

Be Mine Blurb:

Corny has a unique psychic ability to communicate with animals, but can she come up with five days of perfect Valentines gifts for her tough-as-nails Seattle cop boyfriend.

Time is running out and Brutus—the horny Labrador, Molly—the hussy French Poodle, Hernando Lamberto—the prized Pekinese, Harry—the Penguin, Buddy the Butt Head—Iguana, and three raccoons all need Corny’s attention.

Can she pull it all together for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration?

Be Mine Excerpt:

"Corny, do you really think that's a good idea?" Brutus tried to whisper, but it sounded like he had laryngitis.

"Shush Brutus; and get your hairy Labrador butt off the bed. You'll wake Steve up before I'm done putting the finishing touches on his first Valentine present." I tried to be quit and gentle as I applied the final touches. Getting Brutus to be quite was a feat all in its own. "What's not to like about vanilla ice cream, whipping cream, nuts, chocolate syrup, and a nice maraschino cherry to top it all off?" I whispered, as I placed the cherry on top the whipping cream.

"Well, for one thing you're covering Steve's dick with a chocolate sundae and like you said, he's asleep." Brutus sounded smug.


Sharon Kleve was born and raised in Washington and currently lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her husband.

She loves romance. She loves reading romance, living romance, and especially loves writing about romance. She gets no greater feeling than watching her characters come alive in each other's arms. Most of all, she loves giving her characters the happily ever after they deserve—with a few bumps and bruises along the way.

One of her favorite things to do is picking up a new book and sinking into the story, immersing herself in the emotions between the characters. She hopes to inspire her readers the same way her favorite authors have inspired her.

When not writing, she can usually be found either curled up in her recliner with her cat and a good book, or in the kitchen baking sourdough bread or bagels.

Contact me here:!/SharonKleve

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Author of "The Corny Myers Series"
Flamingo Blues, Published December 2011
Be Mine, Published February 2012
Klutzy Love, Published August 2012

Love Under The Christmas Tree, (Christmas Anthology), Published November 2012

Josey's Christmas Cookie, Published November 2012


  1. Quebec or the Maritimes for me!


  2. Nice post, Sharon.

    I'd really love to live in Hawaii. Why?
    1. I hate winter, snow and cold weather.
    2. It looks so beautiful. Warm temps all year round.

    Oh, well. A gal can dream.

    1. Hi Lorrie, I ompletely agree. Hawaii it is...

  3. I'd really love to live in the uk because its much more milder than here doing winter

  4. LOL! Oh my goodness, what an excerpt! And what a hilarious premise. I'm so glad I read this. Onto my TBR you go, Be Mine. :-) Sharon, thanks so much for participating in the hop!!

  5. I've done a little travelling and have enjoyed it but U.S. is always home for me. I think Maui would be good where it's warm and relaxing and people are easygoing and friendly.
    Loved the, sexy vibe to it!

  6. i would like to go to iceland and sit in some hot springs
    kaholgate at ymail dot com

  7. Oh wow, where wouldn't I go is the question. I have such a hard time choosing one - I want to see it all! But tonight, lets go with..Venice.
    dreammie_angel at yahoo dot com

  8. What a fun concept for a book, Sharon!

    I used to travel a lot more, but now my favorite place to go is my living room sofa. I'm an armchair traveler at heart. I'm loving this blog hop because it gets me out of the house!

  9. Seattle! Yay!!! I love your city so much--so much that I had to set my books there, too. Reading, writing, baking homemade bread...all in an amazing city. I think that's the ideal location. :) Transport me to the Pacific Northwest!

  10. I like to read about places I have been, it's like a fresh vacation. I also like to read about places I would like to visit. Let's face it I just like to read period.

  11. Seattle is definitely on the top of my must be visited places. I mean Starbucks was founded there so it must be magnificent! I think Grey's Anatomy is what really sold me on it and made the desire to go stronger. The fact that it is quite gloomy from what I hear just adds to the intrigue.

    Thank you for sharing with us and best wishes,

    1. Marlena, Thank you for stopping by...Your the winner of the pretty shoe bracelet.

  12. Hi Sharon,
    I have gotten both of your emails and replied to both but I don't think you are getting it for some reason? If it is easier, can you contact me through Facebook?

    Thanks and I am so excited about the book and the bracelet!