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Night Owl Review of Christmas Romance!

Christmas Romance
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Christmas Romance

Best Christmas Romances of 2013

Christmas Wishes is a sweet holiday anthology by four different authors. Book one, Christmas Wishes, I had already read as a stand-alone book. Lee has lost her son in a tragic accident and a divorce soon followed. Al has lost his beloved wife and is now raising his little girl. The couple meet in a cemetery and a whirlwind romance follows.
Christmas Wishes is a lovely little story.

In Central Bark at Christmas, Tennyson has been dumped by her horrible boyfriend, and has since swore off men. Par has time only for his job and visiting the local dog park. When they find an abandoned dog, this pup may just be the glue that brings them together.
Central Bark at Christmas is a heart-warming Christmas tale and will appeal especially to dog lovers.
In Halo’s Wish, heroine Halo Carlyle is undercover as a receptionist looking into missing show animals suspected of being snatched by a security company. The job is provided to her by her friend, Corny Myers, who owns a pet detective agency. Enter Dr. Richard McFarland, a local veterinarian, and the sparks fly!

Halo’s Wish is uplifting with the right amount of comedy, romance and charm.

In A Christmas Hope, Clara owns a fast failing culinary tour business called The Perfect Plate. Nearly deplete of savings, she knows that if her upcoming Christmas tour fails, she is out of business for good. By chance, Clara sees a television program featuring Sam Richards, and feels his cheese making business may be the ticket to a successful tour, thus saving her fledgling little business.
Sam has no interest in Christmas since a family tragedy years earlier. He also has no interest in Clara’s proposition. But how long can he refuse her?
A Christmas Hope is a lovely story, and probably my favorite of the four.
As a whole, Christmas Wishes is a wonderful Christmas anthology with a wide variety in the stories. I think they do better as stand-alone books, than as an anthology but that is just my opinion. Each story is well written, and the theme of Christmas ties them together. I prefer my stories on the sweeter, and this does not disappoint.

Book Blurb for Christmas Romance

Four sweet Christmas stories from your favorite romance authors to warm your heart for the holidays.
Christmas Wishes-Danica Winters: For most, Christmas is a time for family, love, life, dreams, and wishes—but not for Lee Llewellyn, a mother who has recently lost her son to an accident and her husband to the resentment it caused.
In a chance encounter, she is given the gift of company on Christmas, but is she ready to move forward and start living again?

Christmas at Central Bark-Jennifer Conner: When Tennyson’s boyfriend left her for her best friend from high-school, all Tennyson received in the break up was her dog. She’s sworn off men and now is rebuilding her life. The only thing Par does is work. He barely has time to do anything he wants for himself other than take his dog to the dog park. When Par and Tennyson find an abandoned dog at the park named Duke. Will they find room in their hearts to take him in?

And can this Christmas season weave some special magic for the two of them?
Halo's Wish-Sharon Kleve: Halo Ann Carlyle wishes for a home, family, and a boat-load of pets. What she gets is a bruised hip, a lump on the head, a broken ankle, and her new yellow Honda Civic is demolished.

Rich McFarland, a sexy veterinarian, keeps showing up in the most unexpected places, promising everything she's ever wanted.Halo believes she only has time to pursue her career as a pet detective and must ignore her growing attraction to achieve her dreams.
Will Halo trust her heart, and find a way to get both before Christmas?

Christmas Hope-Casey Dawes: Clara Misowski is convinced Sam Richards’ cheese making operation would be a perfect stop for her culinary tour group.
He’s adamantly opposed to anything to do with a group of women on his farm.
Can she convince him to open his heart to company, Christmas, and maybe even her?

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